5+ Best Apps That You Must Use in 2024

5+ Best Apps That You Must Use in 2024

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For iOS and Android users who are already familiar with the popular, essential apps such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Maps, and others, this list provides a new selection of apps that are relatively less recognized but can greatly improve almost any device that is compatible with them. These are a few of the greatest apps available this year that you should think about installing and using. 

Pocket Casts

If you listen to podcasts and want to find fantastic podcasts and manage your library simply, Pocket Casts is a paid app that you should check out. Create your own playback queue by adding your favorite podcasts and sorting them according to charts, networks, and categories.

You can always get the newest episodes of your favorite shows thanks to the app’s continuous search for new ones, which also offers automated downloading and personalized filters to keep your collection organized. Strong features like chapters, a playback skipper, a silent trimmer, an up-next option, and more let you customize your listening experience.

Forest by Seekrtech

Require productivity but find it impossible to stop squandering time on your iPhone? With the help of the paid software Forest, you can be inspired to maintain concentration by beginning each workday with a seed planted in your very own virtual forest. Throughout the duration of your labor, you will need to remain within the program to see the tree develop; if you quit, you run the chance of the tree dying.

You will receive more coins the more you use the app to be productive and plant more virtual trees. Through the app, you can donate money to support the planting of actual trees in underdeveloped countries. In order to do this, Forest collaborated with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit that works to enhance the lives of poor.

Forest sketch

Canva is a free and user-friendly graphic design program that may assist you in creating visual content for your Kindle e-book or designing a new Facebook banner image in a matter of minutes. Use the app’s simple drag-and-drop feature to customize your design after uploading your photos or selecting from high-quality stock images and drawings.

To create the exact visual you want, Canva provides a wide range of layouts, free photos, fonts, shapes, icons, charts, lines, illustrations, grids, and backdrop options. When you’re done, share it straight through your preferred social media app or save it as a high-quality image to your camera roll or photo folder.


Zedge is the app you should use to customize your tablet or smartphone’s alarm sound, notifications, and ringtone if you truly want to make it uniquely yours. Thousands of excellent sounds are available for free download through the app.

To find a specific sound, scroll through the categories or use the search feature. You can assign a unique ringtone to every contact in your list, ranging from strange noises to timeless melodies, ensuring that you are always aware of who is contacting.


Soothing sound effects can help you get in the correct frame of mind, whether you need to focus on your work or just unwind after a long day. You may easily combine sounds with Noisli to create custom sound combinations. You can choose the sounds you like and change the level to create the ideal sound ambience with its straightforward, minimalistic UI.

Pick from a variety of noises, including wind, waves, birds, rain, thunderstorms, and more. Use the optional fade-out tool to set a timer for your sound combination and store it so you may listen to it again and again. You never have to worry about being online because you can listen to all sound productions offline.


Though it’s not brand-new, Crumblyy (previously known as Life Hacks) is updated frequently. With graphic cards on topics including food, health, technology, and more, this simple, user-friendly software can help you increase your knowledge and enhance your life with practical advice and fact-based tactics.

You can bookmark, post on social networks, or upvote daily hacks to assist other app users. You can receive notifications for these hacks. Navigate manually through the hacks by choosing a category or by using the search option to find a specific item.


Are you considering trying meditation? A free app for novices is called Calm. It provides three to 25-minute guided meditation sessions that are quite brief. Sessions cover a range of subjects, such as managing stress, reducing anxiety, getting better sleep, breaking bad habits, developing thankfulness, and more.

If you’re interested in a long-term meditation challenge, hundreds of programs are available in addition to individual sessions. Unguided meditation sessions with over thirty relaxing natural sounds and a timer are also available.



Every app that is suggested is great in its unique manner. When combined, our selection represents the top apps available on the Google Play Store as of the writing of this article. So have fun and explore.

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