Things to Do in Indonesia on Your Vacation

Things to Do in Indonesia on Your Vacation

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Indonesia is renowned for its wide range of travel destinations. There are other amazing tourist destinations throughout the nation, including beaches, volcanoes, temples, museums and many other places. One can visit Saraswati, the temples of Borobudur, Kuta Beach, Campuhan Ridge Walk, Sanur Beach, and Mount Rinjani.

Indonesia is a perfect international travel destination for tourists, it attracts tourists from different parts of the world, also it is very cheap to travel. Although the traditional Indonesian “tour” consists of the Bali–Lombok–Gili Islands, Indonesia is much more than that. The largest island nation in the world provides a vast expanse of adventure with over 13,000 islands to select from.

Visit Komodo National Park for a Dragon Walk

Komodo National Park originated in Labuan Bajo is a beautiful journey that takes 1 day and has different stops in between. This volcanic island has more than 5000 giant lizards known as Komodo dragons. These lizards are very aggressive in behaviour and quite dangerous which is why they are called dragons. It is also the most remarkable attraction of this national park. The Directorate General of Forest Protection and Natural Conservation of the Ministry of Forestry look upon the Komodo National Park on behalf of the Indonesian federal government. It has been protected since 1938, but official protection was established in March 1980.

Visit Komodo National Park for a Dragon Walk​
Climb Java's Volcanoes

Java’s most known volcano is the Bromo. It’s simple to visit and ascend Mount Bromo. Take a jeep excursion around the volcano through the “moon landscape” and enjoy the breathtaking vista at daybreak. The Bromo is a unique experience, although it’s not a true challenge for experienced climbers because it’s easily accessible by vehicle. There are various other options available for climbing both for beginners and professionals.

Climb Java's Volcanoes​
Explore the World’s Last Megalithic Cultures in Sumba

Sumba Island is very popular for its cultural and traditional values, it is also known for its megalithic culture, and it attracts a high number of tourists. This culture has some burial rituals and well-constructed tombs, it has been kept intact even now. That “time stands still in Sumba” seems true, because Sumba people continue to follow the animistic beliefs and practices of their ancestors.

Explore the World’s Last Megalithic Cultures in Sumba​
Mystical Kelimutu Lakes in Flores

Mystical Kelimutu Lakes in Flores is also known as the magical lake because each lake has a different shade despite being very close to each other. This place attracts high tourists during sunset whereas it is not too crowded during sunrise. If you’re planning a trip to Kelimutu, it is good to plan so that one cannot get stuck in a rush.

Mystical Kelimutu Lakes in Flores​
Explore the Coral Triangle

The coral reef system is found in Indonesia, it is the world’s largest archipelagic state with more than 300 different ethnic groups and coastal villages home, and they are dependent on marine and coastal resources for their livelihood. Furthermore, Indonesia’s food security and susceptibility to climate change are jeopardised by pollution resulting from human activities and overfishing.

Explore the Coral Triangle​
Bali's Wild West

Bali’s Wild West is full of vivacious culture, breathtaking scenery, and popular tourist spots, every part of the island has its distinct qualities. One can explore National Parks and Nature Reserves, Rice Terraces, Pulaki Temple, Medewi Beach, Jembrana Bull Races and much more

Bali's Wild West​
Visit the Most Amazing Temples

There are various beautiful temples in Indonesia including Pura Besakih, Goa Gajah, Candi Plaosan, Ratu Boko Temple, Sewu Temple, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, and much more. It has various Hindu and Buddhist temples expertly built out of stone, that reflect rich culture and religious heritage sites. Most of the temples are marked as the UNESCO world heritage sies.

Visit the Most Amazing Temples


Indonesia is a country where one can experience diverse things from scintillating beaches to different types of temples and much more. It is a country where one can experience a lot of stuff from water activities to soothing and relaxing spas amidst nature, it provides the best holiday, furthermore, it is also a very cheap country to travel to and get yourself immersed in different activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Indonesia has extensive beaches and it is now for offering a good beach life, one can also experience its rich heritage and culture.

Yes, Indonesia has a lot to offer to its tourists, it has rich heritage sites and is known for its culture.

Bali and Jakarta are among the popular cities in Indonesia.

Yes, there are more than 10,000 temples in Indonesia, and so it has a rich culture.

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